The 2017 Lenten journey begins Mar. 5 as “Explore” participants are invited to join Pastor Elaine in a six-session conversation that will consider various perspectives on what it means to be people of privilege. It is important to acknowledge upfront that such a topic might be of a sensitive nature but in the past that has only encouraged our exploration of other challenging subjects. The hope is that in taking this voyage of self-discovery together our awareness of privilege will be heightened while also learning how and why privilege may be limited for other portions of our population. Following is the schedule of the director for the first four weeks: 

Week One, Mar. 5 – “This May Take Some Processing!” – Introduction video and other preparations 

Week Two, Mar. 12 – “Spiritual Autobiographies through a Lens of Perspective” 

Week Three, Mar. 19 – “Being a Minority in Jamaica,” Skype presentation with Karyn Schwagel 

Week Four, Mar. 26 – “The Blue-Eyed, Brown-Eyed Experient” – a documentary of the project of an Iowa school teacher 

Grab a cup of coffee and a sweet treat on your way to the Gerlinger Room at 9:30 a.m. throughout Lent. And let’s talk.