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All are welcome to worship with us!   You do not have to be a member to participate in much of our church life.  We really hope you will just show up and experience First Congregational Church for yourself.

Becoming a member is a step into a stronger commitment to the church.  It is a way to express your desire to join our evolving faith community: you wish to participate regularly in worship, to build relationships with other church members, and to live your faith in service to the wider community. You do not have to agree to a creed to become a member. Our members are diverse in thinking and invite dialogue where there is disagreement.

To become a member of First Congregational Church, you simply need to express to a pastor or staff member your desire to join the church. At that time, we will discuss a date that works for you to join us during a worship service.

All members join the church during a worship service. At this time, you will affirm your intention to join the congregation, and we say something like, “Let us all affirm what we believe. Do you believe in God? (We do.) Do you believe in Jesus Christ? (We do.) Do you believe in the Holy Spirit? (We do.)

As a Christian church, we affirm the Trinity as a vital expression of who God is. However, our members have a broad range of beliefs around this historic doctrine. When you become a member, we welcome you into covenantal relationship with a community of ongoing dialogue, a community who shares this dynamic journey of faith.

“Why should I become a member?”

Becoming a member is about joining together in covenantal relationship.  It means you are making a commitment to First Congregational, even as we commit to walking with you, caring for you, and exploring faith with you. You make a commitment to God’s mission as we at First Congregational discern it: a mission of caring for one another, sharing God’s love through creativity and the arts, and seeking justice here on this earth. You make a commitment to serve God with your gifts, your energy, your time, and your money.

Becoming a member means you can vote on whether to call a new pastor, who should serve in leadership positions, and the annual Mission Spending Plan.

“What is the membership process like?”

There is no defined timeline for becoming a member.  You may visit us once or twice, or even more than a year, before deciding it is the right time for you.

After you have expressed your desire to join us, we will ask for a little information from you. First of all, we want to get to know you! There is a form for you to share a little background information with us: Where are you from? What do you do professionally? What really excites you about life? You can share as much or as little as you wish.

Secondly, if you have belonged to a previous church, we will ask for that information in order to process a “Transfer of Membership.” This may or may not apply to you.

Finally, the staff works diligently to get you connected with opportunities for service, study, or fellowship that you desire.